Prepaid Gas Cards

What are prepaid gas cards?

Prepaid gas cards are a lot like gift cards, only they are specifically for use at the gas stations.

What are the benefits of prepaid gas cards?

Prepaid gas cards have several benefits. They are as follows:

Prepaid gas cards allow you to set a budget for gas and stick to it. If your gas budget is $100.00 a month, you can purchase a gas card in that amount, and when the debit on your card is gone, you cannot buy any more gas. This will certainly help you monitor and control your gasoline usage.

For parents purchasing gas for their teenage children, prepaid gas cards can be a wonderful tool. This will work just like prepaid phones; you can create an allowance on your prepaid gas card and give it to your child to use. Giving or sending your child a prepaid gas card will ensure that the money you allocate for gas will be used for just for that (for the most part). If your child is in college, we recommend you buy prepaid grocery cards too!

If you can get your prepaid gas cards at a discount, which is often possible, you can save a lot of money on gas.

Prepaid gas cards allow speed and convenience at the pump without having to use credit. This is a relief for people who do not use credit cards responsibly, or who do not have credit cards.
Where can I purchase prepaid gas cards?

Prepaid gas cards can be purchased in person, at your local gas station. You can also purchase prepaid gas cards online in bulk packs to give as gifts to clients and employees, through different websites.
Can I get a discount on prepaid gas cards?

There are several ways you can get discounts on prepaid gas cards.

If you purchase a prepaid gas card online you could save about 3% to 5%.

If you use your rebate credit card, or reward card to purchase prepaid gas cards, you will feel like you are getting your gas free. Many people use the reward points on credit cards to purchase gas cards to buy gasoline, so essentially they are getting gas for a lot less just by using credit cards for all other purchases.

You can find websites that sell prepaid gas cards in bulk that will give you a good discount. These cards are designed for clients and employees, but if you can purchase a lot at one time, you can save a bit of money.
What are the potential problems with prepaid gas cards?

There are several potential problems with prepaid gas cards.

Prepaid gas cards can expire. If you do not use your prepaid gas card by a certain date, you may lose the money you have paid for.

If you lose your prepaid gas card, it will be difficult to replace, if you can replace it at all.

Gas cards can also be used to purchase non-gas items that are sold at gas stations, so some discipline in using the card is still required.

Gas cards are usually limited to a single gas station, or a group of gas stations. There may be times, when you will be forced to buy gas at other stations due to this inconvenience.

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