Business Gas Rebate Cards

We all know that gas prices are out of control. While high gas prices may cause pain for the average driver, the higher gas prices wreak havoc on businesses that need gasoline to function. Florists, moving companies, delivery trucks, and limousine services, to name a few, need a break. Business gas rebate cards may be just the kind of break they need. These rebate gas credit cards return cash back to the business owner, and effectively lower the cost of gas.

What are business gas rebate cards?

Business gas rebate cards work very much in the same way as gas rebate cards for individuals, with the exception that they are for reserved businesses. They help businesses manage the gas costs of all their vehicles by compiling gas and vehicle service into one single bill.

What makes business gas rebate cards different from regular rebate gas cards?

Business gas rebate cards are unique because they are specifically issued to businesses that rely on gasoline to survive. They are also called fleet cards and are often accepted by all service stations instead of being limited to specific service stations. The average gas rebate card is issued to a single individual or family. A business gas rebate card account issues multiple cards for use by numerous individuals within a business.

How can a company secure a business gas rebate card?

A business will have to go through the normal credit card application process to secure a credit card. This includes checking the companies’ credit score. The business will also have to prove they are legitimate before securing a business gas rebate card.

What kids of business gas rebate cards can a business secure?

There are different types of gas rebate cards.

A business can obtain cards for employees for “fuel only” to protect their bottom line and to control the purchase of other items and incidentals on a business credit card.

“Fuel and maintenance” cards are available for more trusted employees, especially those that drive long distances and may need to use repair and maintenance services.

How can a business control gas rebate card use by employees?

Business gas cards and rebate cards allow the employer to set limits on employee use. Some of the ways limits can be set are by the number of transactions per day, or dollar amounts per day, week, or month called “Per Diem.”

How can a business use a business gas rebate card to save money?

Gas expenses can be unavoidable, but with a business gas rebate card, the company can reap the benefits of cash back based on overall usage. In addition, having gas rebate cards for each employee/driver will allow the business to monitor gas usage and keep it under control.

Are there any problems a business using gas rebate cards should be aware of?

  • Interest rates are unpredictable. If you have to leave a balance on your cards at the end of the month, they will eat away at your rewards.
  • There may be limits on how much reward you can reap.
  • Employees may find ways to abuse the card such as purchasing gas for their own vehicles.

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