Advantages of Using Gas Credit Cards

Many state that we’re quickly becoming a cash less society. Credit card and debit card use is on a continual rise. So much so, in fact, that cash can easily be seen as becoming obsolete to the majority. Which really is not so bad as there are a plethora of advantages of using credit cards over cash. Namely: cash back, convenience and security. These benefits are not only seen in conventional credit card usage; specialty credit cards, such as gas credit cards, have their own specific set of advantages.

One benefit derived from using a gas credit card is seen in the form of rebates; either in terms of instant, cash back rebates or quarterly or annual checks from the issuing credit card company. Often when signing up for a credit card through your local fuel station you will receive a significant rebate, sometimes up 3% to 10% for a limited time, such as 60 days, and continued discounts ranging between 2% and 5% for continued usage if you meet certain requirements.

What this means to consumers is this: simply more money stays in your pocket. Depending on the type of gas credit card you have, you can see immediate gratification in cash back bonuses applied straight to your credit card. Who doesn’t want to get paid back on every purchase made? Of course you do, and this is how a gas credit card can cater to your needs.

Sure, savings cash at the gas station is great and all… but what about convenience? A simple question for you: How much easier is it to carry one credit card than to have several denominations of small bills floating around in your wallet or purse? Or maybe if you’re the less organized type… you’ve got several denominations of bills floating around in your wallet or purse, your jacket pocket, your pants pocket, the console of your vehicle, your glove compartment… you get the point. Using a regular credit card or a gas credit card can simplify your life by removing the hassles of digging for bills or loose change: you can pay for almost anything with this small, easy to handle, convenient technological wonder.

Yet another advantage with using a gas credit card is this: security. When you carry around cash, there is no security. If you lose the cash, it’s gone. Forever. If someone steals your cash, again, it’s gone. This is simply not the case when you’re using a credit card or a gas credit card. If you lose it: call up the issuing credit card company and let them know. They’ll promptly issue you a new one and deactivate the old. Card stolen? Not a problem. Again, simply call the issuing card company and let them know. Most credit card companies will work with you to fight any fraudulent charges, whether it’s a “normal” credit card or even a gas credit card. Bottom line in security: it just makes more sense to carry around 1 card that can easily be replaced whether it’s lost or stolen than to risk losing irreplaceable cash, especially when the gas credit card pays you back.

In the end, there are numerous advantages to using a gas credit card over lugging around cash and loose change. You get paid to use it when filling up, it’s convenient and it’s secure. What more could you ask for?

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